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CREAtive writing labs to foster STEAM learning

CREAM is an Erasmus+ project grounded on the evidence that traditional educational models adopted in schools do not keep up with the fast-running times anymore and need to be integrated with modern approaches based on the open schooling concept using co-design, creativity and critical thinking methodologies.

The CREAM project aims at stimulating interest of school students in STEAM disciplines and will achieve this result by elaborating and testing a new model for teaching STEAM disciplines through the Creative Writing Laboratory technique by providing daily-life problems to be solved with a creative thinking approach and STEAM notions. GENERAL

OBJECTIVE of CREAM project is contribute to: expand opportunities for promoting learning activities that focus the STEAM disciplines and help children learn through trial and error by experimenting and problem solving, acquire scientific knowledge and actively participate in the innovation process of local communities; develop an integrative and collaborative approach (Creative Writing Laboratories – CWLs) to link STEAM to daily-life problems and enhancing collaboration between formal, non-formal and informal science education providers, enterprises and civil society to integrate the concept of open schooling.

Specific objectives

  • SO1: Explore what we know about STEAM innovative teaching approaches and initiatives using creative writing methodology within the school environment. This research activity will produce PR1 “State of the Art analysis on STEAM creative teaching approaches and initiatives”.
  • SO2: Co-design of CWLs concept. This will ensure the development of CREAM CWLs model (PR2).
  • SO3: Test and validate the CWLs model with the implementation of pilots in 4 countries (IT, SI, GR, PL) in PR3. Pilots will involve all actors necessary for the implementation of the model: schools, companies, social enterprises and NGOs, universities and other education providers.
  • SO4: Storytelling (PR4). At the end of each pilot, participants will be able to give back to the society stories on lessons learnt, short video documentaries of the pilot experiences, successful stories of scientists and innovative company founders. Experience in CWLs pilots will have a direct impact on participants in making them “scientifically aware” or, for the youngest, make them consider a scientific career. Students will be invited to explore different channels and means of artistic expression to propose their STEAM based solutions to problems of public concern.
  • SO5: Set a sound exploitation and sustainability strategy tailored on end beneficiaries of the project: schools. The aim is to provide a manual to replicate the CREAM experience and adopt, adapt and tailor the CWLs model.
  • Policy Paper. The aim is to address policy makers at EU and national level in order to foster specific programmes to help the implementation of CWLs model as well as use results and knowledge created within the project in defining education policies. SO5 and SO6 will be achieved thanks to PR5 “Development of guidelines for CREAM CWLs model for replication”.

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Project partners:

  • Sinergie Società Consortile A Responsabilità Limitata (Italy)
  • Drustvo Za Razvijanje Prostovoljnega Dela Novo Mesto (Slovenia)
  • Grm Novo mesto – center biotehnike in turizma (Slovenia)
  • Europaiko Ergastirio Ekpaideftikis Technologias (Greece)
  • Politechnika Warszawska (Poland)
  • Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych im. Stefana Zeromskiego w Ilawie (Poland)
  • Vitale Tecnologie Comunicazione – Viteco SRL (Italy)
  • D.T. SRL (Italy)
  • ESHA