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1-1- 2016 to 31-10- 2018

Budget €666.169

The ESLPLUS project is implemented in the framework of the EC proposal “Key Action 3: Support for policy reform – Prospective initiatives, European Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of education and training, and youth” (EACEA/33/2014) under the Erasmus+ Program. Its target is to support innovation in practices and policies across educational and youth sectors. 

Aims and activities

Early school leaving has been recognized as a pressing concern all across Europe for many years. The need for professionalizing the prevention of early school leaving (ESL) and early leaving from education and training (ELET) is heavily felt in every country in Europe. The EU has recognized the urgency of the situation. The outputs of this project contribute to EU policies that are to enable students to complete their secondary studies successfully.

Two main goals of the project are:

To pool knowledge and experience with a user-friendly online portal (ESLplus Portal) for knowledge sharing what will enable policy makers, educational institutions, school leaders, teachers and parents to identify and reduce early school leaving in their surroundings. The ESLplus Portal is a European Learning Space on ESL, a dynamic, interactive and fresh designed portal, in line with the latest trends for maximizing the user’s experience. The published professional materials as well as the provided services (a structured good practice repository, ESL Library and Glossary with professional background materials, interactive statistics showing countries’ ESL related situation, network space including webinars, training courses,  and personal stories of students and teachers) are linked by an open tag-system that makes the portal user-friendly and easily researchable.

To found a Europe wide network called the Alliance for Dropout Prevention in Europe (ADPE) by inviting practitioners, experts, relevant institutions, and professionals at policy and practical levels. ADPE is a professional community of teacher educators, school workers, service providers in close connection and collaboration with other experts and networks at both national and international levels.

ESLPLUS Partners:


  • Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary


  • Expanzio Human Consulting, Hungary
  • European School Heads Association (ESHA), The Netherlands
  • University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” of Iasi, Romania
  • Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung, Germany
  • Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities, Pedagogical Centre, Sweden


ESHA’s involvement has focused on:

  1. Contributing and creating ESL case studies
  2. Leading the dissemination activities for the ESLPLUS project.

In addition ESHA did helped out the project by establishing the ADPE legal entity taking over responsibilities of another partner.

ESLPLUS Deliverables:

  1. The ESLPLUS Knowledge Portal is now up and running:
  2. The ADPE Network is established:  though it has been hard to recruit members. We have shifted towards establishing a virtual network instead.
  1. ESL Toolkits:
  1. Recording of previous ESL Webinars:
    1. Webinar 1 – April 5th 2018–mVzsXtHQ&t=267s
    2. Webinar 2 – May 31st  2018

Project website: