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ESHA2016 Conference

International inspiration in education: leadership matters!‘

The Dutch School leaders Association AVS is proud to host The 2016 ESHA Biennial Conference in the historic city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. from October 19 to 21, 2016.

The conference offers a combination of inspiring keynotes from speakers like Daan Roosegaarde, Mark van Vugt, Micheal Fullan and Zachary Walker and in-depth sessions that cover the challenges that school leaders face:

  • Dream of the future: 21st century pedagogies
  • Inspire and Innovate: 21st century leadership
  • Global citizenship: 21st century competences
  • Well being for 21st century kids

More information can be found at:

Latest news

ESHA2016 conference: Over 500 school leaders from all over Europe have registered to the ESHA2016 conference in Maastricht. Today, August 29, there are still 200 seats available. The organisation expects that the event will be sold out just before the start of the conference. Register while you can still choose the hotel of your choice! Register today at .   

ESHA2016 conference: The management of AVS is proud to announce that over 80% of all attendees are school leaders living outside the Netherlands. The ESHA2016 conference truly is an international gathering of inspiring and innovative people! 

ESHA2016 conference: The Dutch School leaders Association AVS has invited a school from Palestine to talk about their experiences with helping children from refugee backgrounds.

ESHA2016 conference: over 35 school heads from Ukraine have registered to the conference. The organisation welcomes the delegation from Ukraine to our international schoolleaders conference.

ESHA supports the conference: Bullies, Bullied & Bystanders: Advancing Knowledge, Understanding and Practice in Education. The conference is being hosted by the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre on Dublin City University's main campus in Glasnevin, Dublin, from 9 to 10th of June, 2016. More information can be found at: 

AVS announces the registration fees for ESHA2016.  AVS has announced that it will offer a differentiated pricing for attendance to the ESHA2016 conference. The pricing for Western European countries will remain at the price point of 2014: 395 Euros. However, the pricing for less wealthy countries will be reduced significantly. The lowest price point is well below 200 Euros. The discount is based upon the average income per country, as published by the OECD.  

AVS launches the ESHA2016 web site. Today, AVS has launched the ESHA2016 website. The site contains information about the event. The Registration for the event will be possible from Februari 12, 2016 and onwards.  The UR: is  

ESHA endorses the Entreprenasium program in The Netherlands. The Entreprenasium program offers secondary schools the opportunity to introduce an entrepreneurial way of teaching. These schools are called Entreprenasia and are recognized by the OECD as one of the top 20 best practices of entrepreneurial education in Europe. More information about Entrepreneurial Education can be found here . Mail for further information.

The 2016 ESHA Biennial Conference will be organized in Maastricht, The Netherlands from October 19 to 21, 2016. The conference will be organized in the historic city centre of Maastricht. More information will be published at this site in December 2015. 

ESHA participates in the EC4SLT project. The project Entrepreneurial Competences for School Leaderships teams aims to develop a course for school leaders that increases entrepreneurial and business management skills of school managers. The first courses will be published at the ESHA community portal in December 2015.

Have you missed the ESHA BIENNIAL conference in Croatia and you are interested in the presentations? All presentations are available at:  

Etuce and ESHA have published their joint research into distributive leadership in Europe. The publications can be found on the ESHA Community Portal .

The EC launches an electronic platform for projects funded in the areas of Education and Culture: . This site includes findings of most EC funded education research projects.

No more bullying. ESHA strongly believes that schools should offer a safe and pleasant learning environment. This responsibility is not limited to the school premises. Please take a look at the best practices at our web page and : Great resources to reduce bullying in schools.

Quality approach in Finland. At the leadership conference in Islamorada Florida, the president of the Finnish Association of Small Secondary Schools presented the Finnish vision of quality management. Read the hand outs at our community portal 

European Commissioner Vassiliou on leadership in schools: The EU must invest in innovative leaders in schools 

The ESHA Biennial Conference will be organized in Dubrovnik, Croatia from October 26 to October 29th 2014. The conference aims at bringing school leadership together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Consumer Education web site launched: Consumer Education is concerned with teaching people the skills, attitudes and knowledge required for living in a consumer society. More information can be found here .

The LLWings project: On March the 18th, LLWings is organising a seminar aiming at the lauch of a European Teacher Qualification for lifelong learning. More information can be found here .

The LLWings consortium has been working at finalizing its online learning system for teachers aimed at acquiring and consolidating competences in the field of students’ motivation and learning to learn. ESHA encourages school heads in Europe to test the system. More information can be read here.


The Fly Higher project aims to bring awareness to careers in the field of Aeronautics and to motivate young Europeans to embrace future career paths in this field. ESHA would highly value your input about the education system in your country. Please fill in this questionnaire.  More information about the Fly Higher project can be found at

The ESHA 2012 conference videos of the keynote sessions and summaries of the workshop presentations are available online at:

ESHA is proud to announce that the ESHA magazine is now available in English, Italian Spanish, german en FrenchPlease sunscribe to the magazine here

Pearson Foundation publishes a video series profiling policies and practices of education systems that demonstrate high or improving performance in the PISA tests. Watch the videos at this site

EC Commissioner Vassiliou talks about the work of ESHA. Watch the video here

Eurydice publiced the annual update of teachers' and school heads' salaries and allowances in Europe 2011/2012. Read more about it here 

US Congress agrees to cut 2.2 billion USD to education. 80.000 Education jobs at risk. Read more about it here.

ESHA participates in EPNoSL. ESHA participates in the European Policy Network on School Leadership. Read more about it here .

ESHA is a partner in the Lifelong Learning Program. The European Commission has awarded ESHA an operational grant under the Lifelong Learning programme. Read more about it here  

Survey on long term mobility.  Principals, teachers and other school education staff are invited to complete a short survey about a potential new long-term mobility action. Read more about it here.

Energy Education. Education Challenge yourself, become a champion in energy education! Primary and secondary schools across Europe are invited to participate in this exciting competition! Click here to read more about it

Keydata on education 2012. In Belgium the Executive agency in charge of culture and education is running a report linking the 37 countries in Europe and their educational developments and challenges. Read more about it here

ESHA 2012 Conference. The ESHA bi-annual conference will be held from 29-31 October 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Click here to go to the conference site.

the European Intervisitation Program. From April 20th to 25th this event will take place in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands.  Click here to read more

Grading teachers. On the ESHA portal, we have posted an interesting article on Grading teachers . Please read it and give your feedback on the article on our community site.

Collaboration is key in the commercial world. The report "every classroom its own site " enables every teachers to collaboratively work on assignments. And it is free!
Educators advocate: Education for every child! The mission of the World Education Forum is to increase the number of children which do gain access to education. ESHA is in close cooperation with the and fully supports its activities
ESHA announces that the following persons have been appointed as subject matter experts within ESHA. These persons will lead the communities with the aim to build the  knowledge base and share best practices
  • Geert Govaert: Adminstrative Workload
  • Chris Harrison: Autonomy of schools
  • Andre de Best: Leadership
  • Clive Byrne: Quality of education
  • Greg Dempster: Reduced Budgets
  • Fred Verboon: ICT @ School

CBE in The Netherlands announced its "Making Shift Happen Congress" in Amsterdam. On October 11th and 12th, CBE will bring together the most inspiring speakers like Michael Fullan (develop a culture of change), Andy Hargreaves (High Performance Networks) and John West Burnham (Increase your value). There are still places available on October 12th. For more information, please visit

25 Major stakeholders in education and training adopt a common position paper on their vision for the future of education, training and youth programmes. Read the paper at: news.aspx

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ESHA launches it's community portal to facilitate the exchange and creation of ideas between school leaders. Watch Ton Duif's welcome video .

ESHA Magazine

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