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“Chance is the only constant.” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Our world is changing fast and most European education systems are changing accordingly. The focus on so-called 21st century competencies requires school heads to manage change effectively. This change management aspect of the daily work of schools heads requires us to think about implementation scenarios. The models that are used by change managers are called change management models. This page aims to provide the theoretical background and the practical know-how to transparently plan, implement and evaluate complex change processes

Based upon formal change management models. ESHA together with several leading universities has created a change management model that can be used by school heads, The model focuses on all necessary steps to implement change. The innovation of the model stands in the fact that it tackles at the same time all the needed areas where change is needed and all the processes that must be affected by change. This differentiates Q4I from many existing approaches, which focus on a single dimension of school without being able to have an impact at the level of the organisation. More information can be found on: (depreached)

Figure 1 clearly shows the dependency of the actual innovation processes with strategy development, leadership and community involvement.

Q4I Schema 2

Documents & Downloads

Q4I research reports and publications

Open Schooling Roadmap

A Practical Guide for School Leaders

Change Activation Guide to Change Management Models
This PDF includes an introduction to the above listed models

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