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Global Citizenship Education

In our world of expanding technology, economic competition, disasters and conflicts, we need to learn more on how to ‘live together’, by setting aside our fears and differences, nurturing more harmonious relationships and developing mutual understanding of one another. This starts in the classroom. Education is the most important tool for equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to tackle prejudice and hostility and to build more peaceful and tolerant societies. This education initiative is named: Global Citizenship Education (GCE).

Education for Global Citizenship is …
● asking questions and developing critical thinking skills
● equipping young people with knowledge, skills and values to participate as active citizens
● acknowledging the complexity of global issues
● revealing the global as part of everyday local life, whether in a small village or a large city
● understanding how we relate to the environment and to each other as human beings

The content on this page is an introduction to GCE.

Take your time and watch these interesting video’s.


There are several organisations that support and promote the implementation of Global Citizenship Education. The most active GCE organisations and a few of their publications are listed below:

Documents & Downloads

Introduction to GCE

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