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Welcome to the Flipping Classroom Theme

Before you read any further, please take a look at the following videos

Flipping classrooms is a new concept where students view their lectures at home and spend class room time on the application of knowledge like open ended projects. You may want to call this a flip, because the basic idea is that students listen to the lectures before getting into the classroom.

Initiatives like The Kahn Academy (4 million users) offer lectures, so that students watch, rewind and pause the lectures as many time as they need, post questions on line to the teacher or class mates, look at basic concepts if needed or just go ahead and listen to additional lectures. One of the main advantages is that students work in the class room at their own pace and ask for assistance when they need help applying the concepts they have learned. Teachers themselves may want to consider taping the lectures and publish them on the internet.
Flipping Classrooms empowers teachers to be more interactive and focus on the application of knowledge, mentor them directly and it frees up class time for more open ended creative things. This is where the teachers can be at their best; guide students to solve open ended, more creative projects.

ESHA encourages you to start experimenting. The below resources will help you succeed. (Click on the highlighted words in the following list to go to the corresponding pages)

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Active class room learning is a teaching concept where teachers use their class room time to discuss and apply in stead of lecture.

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