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Towards an inclusive, quality education: Challenges and Opportunities of School Leadership

COSL promotes inclusion and equality through school leadership, making use of digital tools and innovative methodologies. The focus is on the contribution of the inclusion of students belonging to ethnic minorities or at risk of exclusion through school organization and educational leadership.

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The following objectives are related to the specific priority selected, that of helping school principals, since we believe that sharing good practices, knowing in greater depth the educational systems and the state of the school management profession in the context of our European neighbors will contribute to an general improvement of the exercise of school leadership in our educational centers.

  • To compare the educational systems of the different participating European countries, visiting some educational centers relevant in each of them to implement, as far as possible, the most outstanding practices, at the organizational, as well as the convivial and curricular levels.
  • To establish a comparison between the system of training, selection and evaluation of the heads of secondary schools in the participating countries with the intention of drawing up a shared model that highlights the best of each place with proven effectiveness.
  • To analyze and compare the functions of school management and the different models of school leadership that are followed in Europe.
  • To establish a European network of school heads for the promotion of peer-to-peer learning from different countries, undoubtedly enriching the joint experience and serving as a channel for improvement proposals in each context.
  • To share models of school organization and methodological proposals.
  • To share good leadership practices that promote quality in the teaching/learning process.

Finally, the following two objectives are related to the last priority selected, that of digital transformation, since we believe that this should start from school leaders, being an unstoppable process that has been further accelerated over the last year to deal with the new situation that has suddenly changed our way of teaching and learning:

  • To expand the incorporation of new technologies to the field of management and school organization, ensuring a more efficient management of educational centers, the training of teachers in our centers in ICT and its inclusion within the day-to-day teaching/learning process, as well as the inclusion of students who are at risk of digital exclusion.
  • To analyze together the future challenges that the new teaching-learning context has posed for school management caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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