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TUSIM Project Meeting In Ankara

TUSIM project meeting in Ankara

As part of the project Technological Updates In School Management TUSIM an ESHA delegation and representatives from member organization ADSLL were welcomed by the host Mamak MEM in Ankara. From 24-26 October the 15 participants explored, studied, shared experiences and were shown practices around the digital transformations happening. 

In the directorate building, the Manager of Mamak MEM informed the participants about the functioning of the directorate in general. A project meeting was held at the Mamak Public Education Center and a local folk-dance show with adult students was organized for the participants. Mamak Ahmet Hizal Primary School hosted a friendly, but competitive volleyball match between participants, and it also gave the opportunity to attend the classes when taking a tour of the school by the school principal.

School Management Tools

The School Management Tools, which is a core issue in the project, were shown and explained by the assistant principal of the school. In the system they showed, parents have the opportunity to follow their child’s arrival process, track their grades and school attendance. The school administration can see the development status of the students in the whole school at the same time in the form of a report. Also, the central administration Ministry has the opportunity to see and analyze the development status of the students throughout Turkey, the follow-up of the missing courses, and the success percentages. The system facilitates classroom management, school administration, provincial and district administration, and the administration of the Ministry of National Education at the highest level. It eliminates paper usage and ensures information security.

Document Management System

The tools for school management are used intensively. DYS, the Document Management System is used jointly by all public institutions and organizations in Turkey and is used intensively by the Ministry of National Education. DYS does not concern students, parents and teachers. It provides a platform for online official correspondence between the school administration and the provincial/district Directorate of National Education. For example, the school can report their needs by writing an official letter to the District Directorate of National Education using the DYS system. The District Directorate of National Education fulfills their need within its possibilities. If it is a need that is beyond their authority, they send it to the Provincial Directorate of National Education by using the DYS system. The inter-institutional transfer of official documents is therefore more rapid.

Ministry of National Education Information Systems

The Ministry of National Education Information Systems MEBBIS is a module system that covers only the personnel of the Ministry of National Education school principal, teacher, staff, civil servant, etc. It gives permission to use the module according to the jurisdiction of the given people. In one module, for example, teachers provide their personal information, educational status, annual leave, working hours, and preferences for some exam assignments. This way the Ministry monitors all its personnel and finds the opportunity to analyze data. The module is said to be a valid system that confirms the person’s status as a civil servant.

Education Informatics Network

There are many digital platforms used by the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey to increase the education level of students. Education Informatics Network EBA, which is used most intensively, is the module that covers students’ online out-of-school course activities. Thanks to this application, students have the opportunity to complete their missing lessons, attend live lessons and watch educational videos. It is seen as an instrument to increase students’ academic success and is very useful for students who cannot go to school due to health problems.

participants of TUSIM project visit Presidential National Library in Turkey

Teacher training and development

The ESHA delegation had the opportunity to visit the General Directorate of Teacher Training and Development of the Ministry of National Education. An explanation about the IPA-application was given that is managed under the coordination of the General Directorate. IPA is open to all teachers where they can access information about their subjects. In this application, teachers can find documents about seminars, presentations, conferences, course contents and they can find the trainers for all kinds of professional development. The participants saw the video lecture process implemented by the General Directorate. By visiting the video production studio, they saw how the lecture videos are made. Later, the participants got to know the in-service activities of the General Directorate for teachers and other personnel and saw the process.

The ESHA delegation visited the impressive Presidential National Library of the Republic of Turkey. This modern building contains millions of books and is supported by the latest technology. All citizens are free to enter and use it. The visit to Anıtkabir Museum, the place where Atatürk’s Mausoleum is located, revealed a lot of the cultural history of the past decades.

In a conclusive session participants shared knowledge, experiences and dilemmas from their own practices and set out the course for the further process and research to conclude the project in Lleida, Spain in 2023.

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