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Social Innovation Leadership series

Social Innovation Leadership series

On May 28, 2021 ESHA as proud partners in the Nemesis project organized the Social Innovation Leadership series. Please look at our webinar and learn how to empower our children to become the future change makers.

Social Innovation Education is a new educational approach that will strengthen the capacity, skills and entrepreneurial mindsets of children from all backgrounds. This enables students to deal with the real challenges of the 21st century and gives them the possibility to become change makers in a world where inequality, poverty and social exclusion still occur.

The webinar showcases Social Innovation Education in action and will include the experiences from a school leaders’ point of view. The webinar will describe how Social Innovation Education can be implemented at your school and will focus on the practical aspects of the NEMESIS project, including the Online Course, the Resource Bank, the Lesson Plans

The video is available under the following link: 

We would appreciate if you could share the invitation among your members and networks!

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