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News From CREAM: The First Results And Next Steps

News from CREAM: The first results and next steps

The Erasmus+ CREAM project aims at stimulating interest in young learners towards STEAM subjects by elaborating and testing brand new approaches and models of teaching STEAM disciplines via Creative Writing Laboratory (CWL) techniques.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Recent studies have extended the domain of STEM to STEAM including Arts and design to promote the creative aspect of these disciplines.


ESHA is part of the project team that consists of nine partners, from five countries (Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, and Netherlands). Each one has its own field of competence, to create synergy and complementarity within the project.

Case studies and best practices

Within the first steps of the project, partners explored the current situation in terms of STEAM innovative teaching approaches and initiatives using creativity within the school environment. The result was a summary of literature with a collection of case studies and best practices, which will serve as a basis for the implementation of the next CREAM results and the definition of Creative Writing Labs model.

Download the report “State of the art analysis on STEAM creative teaching approaches and initiatives

Training materials

After carrying out workshops and consultations to collect feedback from students, teachers, school heads, parents and companies on the idea of CWL, to enhance their interest in steam subjects, surveys for students and teachers have been made and conducted among the target groups of all partners’ countries. These last activities are essential to achieve the next CREAM goal: the design and development of training material to get all actors well prepared in view of the implementation of pilot CWLs.

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Partners of the CREAM project team attend the first meeting.

On June 21st and 22nd, all CREAM project partners participated in the first Project Meeting. It represented an amazing opportunity to share ideas and experiences, contribute to project activities, get to know each other and ensure a smooth collaboration!

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