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INSCOOL II Training For Teachers In Hungary

INSCOOL II training for teachers in Hungary

ESHA trainer Judit Horgas delivered the first INSCOOL II training about inclusive education for teachers in Szeged, Hungary. 24 primary and secondary teachers from 11 schools participated in the 12-hour-long training.

The fun activities, games and the co-operative methodology proved to be very successful, as in the anonymous exit survey 100% of the participants expressed full satisfaction in the overall training, the trainer’s expertise, the usefulness of the activities, the educational methods, the timing and the location of the training. The location was the modern building of the Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra of Szeged.

Fun while learning

At the end of the training a 28-year-old teacher said that although he had only been teaching for a few years, he was close to being burnt out, but the training helped him to feel recharged. Another young teacher said she could not imagine a training that was not boring and was very pleasantly surprised to experience that she actually had fun while learning. A teacher who has been in the profession for several years said that every minute of the training made her a better teacher. Several participants said they would welcome the training in their schools as their colleagues would also benefit from it. All the participants felt that they had learnt new methods they would start using the first day they went back to work.

About Inclusive Schools II project
The vision of the Inclusive Schools II project is to significantly increase the knowledge and skills of school leaders, teachers and student teachers to work inclusively with the increasing range of diverse learners in their schools. Taking an inclusive approach means learning environments where every student has an opportunity to succeed.

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