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I_AM: “Inclusive Education Using Animation And Multimedia”

I_AM: “Inclusive education using Animation and Multimedia”

The project aims to support the inclusive education of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), through an innovative, person-centred, inter-disciplinary and art-based approach, implemented in Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, and Poland.

The Erasmus+ project, which was launched in 2020, utilizes multimedia resources, with a particular emphasis on animation, through a blended learning capacity building programme, to develop a welcoming environment for children with SEND in mainstream schools.

During the past few years, we have been working together with school communities, promoting common values of social inclusion. Respect for children with SEND rights and their equal access to education was promoted, while stereotypes and discrimination were combated. The project comes to an end in December 2022, and at this point we have succeeded in connecting the dots between inclusive education approaches & techniques, the cultivation of emotional intelligence and multimedia usage in mainstream schools.

The project’s main activities were:

  • Mapping the current situationregarding the inclusive education of children with SEND and the needs of both educational staff & individuals with SEND.
  • Development of effective and tailored tools, based on the research findings and an inter-professional learning framework, that will support educational staff to adopt inclusive educational approaches and implement best practice techniques in the classroom.
  • Capacity building of educational staff, through a blended learning programme, that will support them to promote the notion of inclusiveness among students in mainstream schools. Educational staff will obtain skills on emotional intelligence, inclusive education techniques, leadership & classroom management skills, as well as basic animation development skills.
  • Video animation school contestto engage children, young people, and their communities in the promotion of inclusive education. Winning entries will be shown at the Animasyros International Animation Festival.

Results that we are proud of:

  • Enhanced the use of effective state-of-the art methodological approaches and tools that support inclusive education.
  • Increased the awareness, knowledge, and competence of educational staff to address diversity in the classroom.
  • Raised awareness of inclusive educational approaches among the members of educational communities and supported increased engagement.
  • Effectively and efficiently promoted the inclusive education of children and young people with SEND in mainstream schools among policy & decision makers and relevant stakeholders at local, national, and European level.

Besides all these activities, partners implemented national policy recommendation workshops in each country, in order to initiate a fruitful discussion about policy recommendations to stimulate and facilitate inclusive education for students with SEND nationally. The aim was a European-level ‘system innovation’ for tackling the societal challenges linked with the inclusive education of students with SEND in mainstream schools, while unlocking new opportunities for further research and development, by launching new projects (EU-funded or sponsored by other sources) based on the experiences gained in the project.

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