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COSL Study Visit In The Netherlands

COSL study visit in the Netherlands

The international group of participants, including members of the European School Heads Association (ESHA) was welcomed at the Stroomdal primary school in Kampen on Monday, 3rd of October. Director Han Boone and Gerben van Dijk (teacher and IT specialist) guided the school leaders from Norway, Estonia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, Greece and the Netherlands through their process of digitisation and the challenges and dilemmas of contemporary education.

ESHA consultant Luca Laszlo delivered two workshops. Her workshop on the topic of Child agency inspired the participants greatly. The conversation at the Sails workshop on digitization was related to the guidelines for school leaders. ESHA has presented two new quality cards from the HEADstart series.

On Tuesday, 4th of October, the international group visited a number of schools in Kampen: the Techlab in the Ichtus College (VIA professional route), De Spanker Special Education Secondary School and the primary special education school Prisma.

The purpose of the visit was sharing inspiration and knowledge on various themes. In the Techlab the company could experiment with all kinds of technology, then they cooked for them in De Spanker and the group could visit lessons of practical subjects. The day was concluded in Prisma with information about specialized education and the administrative model in the Netherlands.

On 5th of October, participants visited EDUtech Europe in Amsterdam. In addition to gaining a lot of knowledge and inspiration, the chairmen of ESHA members from Estonia and Norway and a Greek representative held a panel discussion on stage. Director Petra van Haren moderated two sessions.

You can find more information for school heads on the website of the project about challenges and opportunities in strategies for digitalisation.

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