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An update from the OECD Implementing Education Policy team

An education policy is only as good as its implementation. The OECD Implementing Education Policy team helps education policy makers bridge the implementation gap by providing peer learning opportunities and tailored country support. Our practical focus on opening up the ‘black box’ of implementation, through research and advisory work, aims to ensure that governments are in a good position to translate policies into real change in schools.


We want to update you on our most recent developments, including our OECD Implementing Education Policy Framework and some resources to help education policy makers plan and implement policy during the COVID-19 crisis.


The revised OECD IEP Framework helps policymakers to think about policy in action


The  OECD Implementing Education Policy Framework is a guide for education policy makers to understand key dimensions and actions that support effective education change processes. It aims to help those working at the front line of education policy design and implementation to consider these as crucial processes for success. It proposes that an effective education implementation strategy can be successful and reach schools when it brings together smart policy design, inclusive stakeholder engagement and a conducive environment and communicates and makes it actionable. It considers who needs to be doing what, how, when, and with what resources.


You can access the full OECD IEP Framework and read the supporting research here. We are interested in your opinion on this resource, so let us know how you could use this framework or how we can refine it further.


Supporting policy makers to mitigate learning loss and implement policy to deal with COVID 19


The COVID-19 crisis forced school closures in 188 countries, heavily disrupting the learning process of more than 1.7 billion children, youth, and their families. During this time, governments implemented a range of measures to curb the educational impact of the pandemic. Countries are still reshaping their strategies to respond to COVID developments. Rapid implementation is crucial…yet guidance and evidence on how to do it and what works is limited. To support policy makers, our team has produced:



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