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Announcement that the #ESHA2020 biennial conference will be held in Cyprus, dates will be available soon.

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Looking back: ESHA2018

Looking back on an inspiring ESHA2018 conference in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. The conference book, photos and presentations are now available for all of you:

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Call for videos for ESHA 2018

Call for videos. Would you like to be on the ESHA 2018 stage and share your experience with colleagues? Please prepare a 1-minute video about how has your school used…

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ESHA2018 biennial conference in Tallinn

ANNOUNCEMENT ESHA BIENNIAL CONFERENCE OCTOBER 2018 ESHA Biennial Conference, Tallinn, Estonia 2018 17 th -19 th October 2018 Over 450 people have registered for the biennial conference. Don not be…

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Join the Alliance for Dropout Prevention

Join the Alliance for Dropout Prevention in Europe and ask for the free membership.  The aliance for dropout prevention in Europe is a professional organization hat aims to reduce early school leaving…

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Join the First Webinar of ADPE

On April 5th at 14.00 CET ADPE ( the Alliance for Dropout Prevention) launches the first webinar. In this webinar we will explain our work, present the new ESL-Portal and…

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The Heerbeeck College: Open School

The Heerbeeck College is chosen as an best practice for open schools. OSOS best practices will act as accelerators of the introduction of OSOS approach in interested schools. They will…

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ESHA announces the OSOS project

The OSOS project encourages an open school approach. An open school opens up to the community and uses the school’s environment to enrich the learning experience of the students. It…

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The 2016 ESHA Biennial Conference

The 2016 ESHA Biennial Conference was organized in Maastricht, The Netherlands from October 19 to 21, 2016. Over 600 participants from all over Europe gathered in Maastricht. K-note speakers were…

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ESHA BIENNIAL conference in Croatia

Have you missed the ESHA BIENNIAL conference in Croatia and you are interested in the presentations? All presentations are available at:

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ESHA participates in the EC4SLT project

The project Entrepreneurial Competences for School Leaderships teams aims to develop a course for school leaders that increases entrepreneurial and business management skills of school managers. The first courses will…

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AVS launches the ESHA2016 website

Today, AVS has launched the ESHA2016 website. The site contains information about the event. The Registration for the event will be possible from Februari 12, 2016 and onwards.  The UR:…

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