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Leadership for inclusive education

School leaders can make a great difference in students’ lives. It’s not only about leadership behaviour, it’s also about being a leader. Successful school leaders will also use their dispositions to enhance equity in their schools.

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Assessment for learning tool for enhancing equity in education

School leaders play a pivotal role in providing learning success and wellbeing for all students. This also means working hard together on strengthening equality and equity. This tool is meant to promote dialogue and discussion of interventions as a way of reflecting on and strengthening your own practice as an effective leader.

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Paper: Educational Leadership and the Pandemic

Read the paper of David Gurr, an Associate Professor in educational leadership within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne, on Educational Leadership and the Pandemic.

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Supporting school self-evaluation and development through quality assurance policies

Supporting school self-evaluation and development through quality assurance policies: key considerations for policy makers. Report by ET2020 Working Group Schools.

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Coaching and mentoring

The aims of the Erasmus + Leadership, coaching and mentoring project have been to establish an induction, coaching and mentoring programme for newly appointed school leaders.

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Distributed Leadership

Leadership in education is knowing where you’re going. With which people, and what difficulties you can meet. But leadership is more than that.

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Developments in society and education have changed leadership roles and responsibilities and increased school leaders’ workload.

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Reduced Budgets

Schools are facing significant budget cuts around Europe. It is time for head teachers to identify the real priorities for their school and their pupils.