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Researching hybrid integration of children

CHILD-UP book review: ‘Exploring the Narratives and Agency of Children with Migrant Backgrounds within Schools’.

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Learners with special needs

Inclusion is becoming more of an issue within educational systems in all countries, it is symptomatic of the ambiguity which surrounds issues related to inclusion and exclusion that the words themselves have recently acquired new and restrictive meanings.

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Crisis Psychology

Beliefs about death and the rituals and customs surrounding it vary across cultures. These customs play a very important part in children’s grieving, so the ways in which children are helped to grieve will differ depending on their cultural background.

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Bullying and Suicide Prevention

The Beprox programme is a Swiss intervention which uses teacher and parent education as the sole component of a universal programme to address bullying. It emphasises group discussions, mutual support and co-operation between consultants and teachers and between teachers and parents.

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Early School Leaving

Early school leaving is an urgent and serious problem, both for individuals and society as a whole. The EU Member States work together to reduce the number of pupils who drop out before the end of secondary education.

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Early Intervention

The term early intervention can broadly cover the provision of services to infants, toddlers and young children who are considered vulnerable for reasons of disability, the risk of disability, social disadvantage, child abuse, and other factors.