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Early School Leaving Good Practices

On this page you can find all the Good Practices relating Early School Leaving.

Good Practises

itc international courses esl.docx

European ESL course.pdf

Good_practice_template Munich.docx

German business and education cooperation.pdf

German business and education cooperation.docx

Good_practice_template City of Amsterdam.docx

Amsterdam City reducing.pdf

Amsterdam City reducing esl.docx

Good_practice_Web application Tallin.docx

Estonia integrated web application.pdf

Estonia integrated web application.docx

Good_practice_template City of Antwerp.docx

Belgium migrant education.pdf

Belgium migrant education.docx


Entrepreneurial Education.pdf

Good_practice_Parental Involvement The Hague.docx

The Hague, Netherlands, parent involvement.pdf

The Hague, Netherlands, parent involvement.docx

Good_practice_City of The Hague.docx

The Transfer to vocational study, The Hague.docx


BreakSquad after school dance program.docx

Good_practice Language courses Sweden.docx

Good_practice City of Sofia.docx

good practise template janet taylor.docx

good practise Joan M. Arasteh.docx

good practise John R Gratto 10 advises.docx

good practise alternative graduation pathway.docx

good practise 15 effective strategies for dropout prevention.docx

ESL best practice Studiekring.docx

Bureau Leerplicht Amsterdam (policy level).docx

12 good practice Bureau Leerplicht Amsterdam (practitioner level).docx

13 good practice RMC Gouda (compulsary and noncompulsary education).docx

ESL best practice Career Guidance.docx

good practice NJI.docx

Other information:
Statistical data on ESL in most European countries:
ESL trend in Switserland
Read how Ireland deals with ESL


Story of Breaksquad, how to inspire students

BreakSquad Best Practice from Teacher and Students


RMC Gouda

Bureau Leerplicht Amsterdam policy and practitioner level

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