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January 2018 – January 2020

Inclusion for preventing early school leaving and ensuring completion of the highest possible level of Education.

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January 2016 – October 2018

The European Learning Space on Early School Leaving offers a great deal of high-quality content and expertise accumulated on early school leaving (ESL) at international, national, local and institutional levels.

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Intercultural Learning

October 2016 – November 2018

The multicultural society has inevitably led to the coexistence of people from different worlds and with mentalities, traditions and habits that may diverge significantly from those to which we usually refer.

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October 2017 – March 2021

NEMESIS develops a new educational approach that will strengthen the capacity, skills and
entrepreneurial mindsets of children from all backgrounds.

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Open Schools for Open Societies

April 2017 – March 2020

This three-year Open Schools for Open Societies project aims to help a thousand European primary and secondary schools with opening up to its community.

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October 2017 – October 2019

Sadly, (cyber)bullying remains a reality for millions of teenagers across the European societies. Most of the victims have suffered from (cyber)bullying more than once as the aggression can become repetitive and the violence escalating.

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School Leadership Coaching and mentoring

October 2017 – October 2019

The aim of the School Leadership Coaching and Mentoring project is to develop an induction programme for newly appointed school leaders, which exploits the proven expertise and capacity of experienced and recently retired school leaders.

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Gender Equality Matters

October 2018 – October 2020

The objectives of this project are to raise awareness, change attitudes and promote behaviour changes in relation to gender-based violence generally, with specific reference to violence perpetrated against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community in and around schools.

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