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Job shadowing

The Job Shadowing program offers school heads and managers the unique possibility to learn from their colleagues in other European countries. ESHA will connect participating school heads with the objective to organize visits to the schools of the connected school heads. The visiting school head will work together with the host on common school leadership themes.   Job shadowing opportunities usually last 3 to 5 days. Members are hosted by their opposite number and the program is usually worked out by the participants in advance. The purpose of 3 to 5 days exchange is to allow the participants to get a hands-on understanding of another education system and exposure to the school structures, systems and leadership as well as a full understanding of the country’s approach to curriculum, learning and teaching.  The hosting of participants allows extended discussions about each day spent in school.

How to proceed:

  1. Fill in the form which you can download from the ESHA website
  2. Send in the application to the ESHA office ()
  3. ESHA will try to find you a match based upon your preferences
  4. Costs and Funding opportunities: the Job Shadowing program does not qualify for the funding opportunities offered by Erasmus+ programs. However, costs could be limited to the travel costs and optional the costs for accommodation if the school heads chooses to stay in a hotel instead of at each other’s home.
  5. ESHA charges a fee of €150 per application. ESHA will connect the school heads and follow up on the activities.
  6. Contact your national organization with any questions regarding local arrangements
  7. ESHA will provide you with a template to write a report on your visit and exchange experience to share (not obligatory)

How to apply

You can download an application form here and it can be send in via  to the ESHA office.

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