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Coaching and mentoring

The aims of the Erasmus + Leadership, coaching and mentoring project have been to establish an induction, coaching and mentoring programme for newly appointed school leaders, which exploits the proven expertise and capacity of experienced and recently retired members or partner organisations/associations

The materials on this platform were developed and trialed by the partner organisations and are freely available to be used by other organisations and associations throughout the European Union.

The simplicity of the materials will enable them to be used in a wide range of educational settings, enabling mentors and mentees to focus on the areas that are relevant to each individuals needs and the  structures within which they work.

The course 

Module 1: Commitment to the mentoring programme
This Module clarifies the commitment of mentors to using research based materials developed from the best national and international practice.

Commitment to the mentoring programme

Module 2: Ground Rules, Procedures and Protocols
Establishes the ground rules, the procedures and protocols for mentees and mentors.

Ground Rules, Procedures and Protocols

Module 3: Key Materials
This module provides the forms to enable the Mentoring Relationship to be developed and progressed

Module 4: Exit Strategy
How to respond and deal with a mentoring relationship that is in difficulty

Exit Strategy

Films / video coverages

During the final event on October 4, 2019, ESHA recorded the sessions and edited the following 5 films

General impression of the Coaching and Mentoring project:


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