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Društvo Ravnatelj - Slovenia

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Association of Principals of Secondary Schools Slovenia

Contact: Dr. Nives Počkar


The Association of Principals of Secondary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Secondary Schools of Slovenia is an association of directors of public secondary schools, colleges and student hostels organized as independent institutions or as organizational units in public institutions or other institutions organizations and is founded on the basis of the common interests of its members.

In association may also include heads of institutions with concessions and directors of private institutions that implement publicly-recognized programs.

Heads of Slovenian secondary schools and boarding schools in neighboring countries may also join the Society.

Društvo Ravnatelj operates in accordance with the legal order of the Republic of Slovenia and for the benefit of Slovenian education.

The functioning of the society is based on the principle of voluntariness, autonomy, non-profitability, professionalism, conscientiousness, fairness and plurality.

The purpose and tasks of the Society are in particular:

  • Striving for quality education and professional contributions to ensure the quality development of education,
  • sharing experiences, knowledge and attitudes of the members of the society in the pedagogical field of education and experience and positions in the field of management of proposers of regulations in the field of education and thus helping them to better organize the school field,
  • advising and assisting directors – members of society in the implementation of adult education and the development of lifelong education in schools,
  • the pursuit and carrying out of the pedagogical profession in accordance with the code of teacher professional ethics,
  • ensuring participation in the adoption of professional bases for the adoption of regulations in the field of secondary and tertiary education,
  • cooperation with all private, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other bodies that can contribute to the full realization of the fundamental goals of society,
  • informing the public about work in secondary and higher education, about the positions of school heads on school issues and about the work of the society,
  • emphasizing knowledge and education as a value,
  • asserting the reputation of professionals in the field of education and, above all, the reputation of the teaching profession and the director,
  • developing peer relationships,
  • care for the education, upgrading and training of members of the society and professional staff in the field of education,
  • representing the professional and social interests of members of the society and providing professional and collegial assistance and support,
  • asserting and searching for possibilities for providing conditions for the quality work of members of the society in the field of pedagogical work and management of the institution, ensuring the creative attitude of other educational and educational institutions to the director.