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Welcome to the EC Policy Network page.

The EC has launched an electronic platform for the dissemination and exploitation of projects funded in the areas of Education and Culture: . This projects includes the findings of most EC funded projects.

In the UK, includes very interesting research projects about effective pedagogy. It links teachers, teacher educators and researchers through this online collaboration platform. supports the collaboration
ESHA participates in a number of projects. Below you will find an overview of these participations. Please review the files and give ESHA feedback. Your input will be highly valued.

The European Policy Network on School Leadership.

In 2010, the European Commission (EC) published a Call for Proposals in order to establish a European wide network on school leadership. Together with partners from the academic world, several ministries and ESHA, the partnership is building the European Policy Network on School Leadership. The network (EPNoSL) aims at improving school leadership through a collaborative network in which members construct and share knowledge. Ultimately, the network will facilitate the development and implementation of national policies on school leadership. The network’s portal can be accessed at
The publications of the network are listed in the Documents & Download section.

The LLWings project.

LLWIngs is a European wide project aimed at promoting a new vison of school as the bridge to lifelong learning and active citizenship, through a focus on joy of learning and learning to learn skills as the lifelong learning wings. The project members are currently developing an e-learn system that helps teachers understand and implement Life Long learning into the class rooms. Please enlist and be the first to work with the system! The web site can be found at:
Please read the LLWings leaflet, this is the latest download in the Documents & Download section.

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