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ESHA JOB Shadowing program

Job shadowing is also a priority for the current Board and offers opportunities to job shadow colleagues in other countries, to observe how they lead and manage their school and exchange good practices. A pilot programme involving Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Slovenia is being finalised with a view to being rolled out further next year 2018. Job shadowing opportunities usually last 3 to 5 days. Members are hosted by their opposite number and the programme is usually worked out by the participants in advance. The purpose of 3 to 5 days exchange is to allow the participants to get a hands-on understanding of another education system and exposure to the school structures, systems and leadership as well as a full understanding of the country’s approach to curriculum, learning and teaching.  The hosting of participants allows extended discussions about each day spent in school.

In 2017-2018 there are 5 countries that expressed an interest to pilot the programme:

  • Scotland (Greg Dempster)
  • Norway (Solveig Dahl/Omar Mekki)
  • Denmark (Dorte Andreus/Claus Hjortdal)
  • Finland (Jukka O’Mattila/ Toni Lehtinen)
  • Slovenia (Barbara Novinec/Nives Pockar)


Programmes will be published in November 2017.

The proposal

ESHA member organisations sign up to publicise the job-shadowing opportunity to their members.  Members of these organisations would be able to apply for the exchange programme for a fee of €150 per application.  ESHA would introduce the partners and encourage them to set up their exchange.  From there on, it would be up to the members to make arrangements for their exchanges (though it is worth considering arranging set weeks for the exchanges so that there is a cohort of people travelling at the same time – this may allow the development or additional shared activities and shared reflection on learning).  Members are linked with exchange partners and have reciprocal week-long visits to one another.  Each partner hosts the other when in their country (i.e. the visiting partner stays at the home of the hosting partner/ hosting partner covers the accommodation costs and accompanies them to work – this very much minimises the costs involved).

The participation cost would be paid to ESHA by each applicant at the time of application and refunded (less any transaction costs) if no match is found.

You can download an application form here and it can be send in via to the ESHA office.

Non-ESHA members can also sign up to participate in the job shadowing program by filling in the application form. The fee for non-ESHA members will be €300 per application.

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