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The Heerbeeck College: Open School

The Heerbeeck College is chosen as an best practice for open schools. OSOS best practices will act as accelerators of the introduction of OSOS approach in interested schools. They will help innovative schools to progress more and develop their innovative…

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ESHA Academy: apply now!

The ESHA Academy offers school heads opportunities to learn about modern school leadership in an international context. This academy will offer, over the years to come, various high quality international courses for school leaders and management, to improve their leadership…

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ESHA announces the OSOS project

The OSOS project encourages an open school approach. An open school opens up to the community and uses the school’s environment to enrich the learning experience of the students. It imports external ideas that challenge internal views and beliefs and…

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The 2016 ESHA Biennial Conference

The 2016 ESHA Biennial Conference was organized in Maastricht, The Netherlands from October 19 to 21, 2016. Over 600 participants from all over Europe gathered in Maastricht. K-note speakers were Michal Fullan, Mark van Vught, Daan Roosegaarde and  Zaghary Walker.…

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